Friday, November 15, 2013

Home At Last!!!

 At the Lafayette Airport
 The Paris Family came
 Grandma Stewart was here

  Hunter's first meal back:  Raisin' Canes!!
 Modeling his African threads
 Grandma Semmerling came
 Hunter's best childhood friends were here- Clayton & Mikey
 Everyone at church to hear Hunter speak
The Nielsen's came :)

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  1. Hunter, I can't tell you what a testimony of LDS Missionaries I've built just following your blog! Being a convert, you went out on your mission about the time I was learning what the process was all about!
    I've been working with our local Elders and Sisters, sharing my experience of being converted by the direct and indirect actions of folks on missions! Right now, I'm visiting a few investigators on occasion when our Sisters feel my testimony will be of interest to them, having also grown up in this area (deep south) with some of the same experiences most all of us *Bible Belt* children have!
    At any rate, I am now sharing your Blog with the families of new Missionary parents, seeing how helpful you blog was! In my thoughts, it served to keep up with you and your activities as well as to provide you a route to have one big share on your Sunday email, instead of trying to answer every letter and using all of your time allotted.
    THANKS for your service, and for leaving this footprint behind to serve as a teaching tool as well as an example of ways parents of the missionaries can use their time in a productive way to help even more!
    SO.. you may see a few *lookers* !
    Brenda Meacham