Monday, August 5, 2013

The Most Profound Experience of my Entire Life

Hello for the final time,
Wow, that is a very, very good question you asked me. My list could
probably go on forever and that's why it's hard for me to just pick
few. But some of those things that I would love to eat are Taco Bell,
cheeseburgers, that creamy chicken casserole, Dorito casserole, pizza,
those sausages from that little cajun store off of verot, any other
meals with cheese in it... I don't even know! Anything but rice. No
rice, lots of meat. That sounds good to me. I think I'm okay on rice
for the next 80 years. Holy cow. And no fried leaves. Man I'm excited
to eat. Haha. I'm good with that plan to go to Baton Rouge the next
morning though. Just try to get all the talking in before I get
released because on the way back I'm going to be BLASTING music.
Ohhhhh man I miss music a lot. Haha. So I guess that's everything.
Today was a pretty sweet day. Our district got permission to go to
this beach that is on the Atlantic coast about a 25 minute taxi ride
from Waterloo called Kent beach. Since I've been here I've always
heard how great and how nice the beach was and when we got there, HOLY
COW. So nice. It's maybe the nicest beach I've ever been to. There was
nobody around too. You just go out to this little village, walk down a
road and there's this massive beach with a little stream flowing into
it. We took some pictures, played some American football, and some
ultimate frisbee. It was pretty stinking sweet. Tons of fun. Then we
rushed to get here and email and from here we're going to my good
friend Richard Carlos's house (and the 1st counselor in our branch)
and the branch is having like a small party for me. This last week has
been pretty interesting and it's been weird saying goodbye to all
these people. The thing that makes me sad is that the possibility of
seeing this people again is soooooo small. Probably I'll never see
them again. But at the very least some of the people have Facebook
here so I can still keep in contact with them. My mission as a whole
has been the most profound experience of my entire life and it's sad
that it's coming to an end. I can honestly say though that I have no
regrets and I felt that I worked as hard as I could for the 2 years.
I'm going home satisfied and looking forward to what happens next. I
love the people here and it's not possible at all that I could ever
forget these people. Maybe when I get back we'll call some people
small and you can even talk to them! Haha. I'm grateful to Heavenly
Father that I got to serve in the greatest mission in the world.
Seriously. This mission is way better than any other mission. I don't
know how I could have served anywhere else! The call was inspired. I
can't wait to see you all this week and finally be able to talk about
everything very very well. I love you so much for all the support
you've given me during and before my mission. I've also been born into
the best family in the world! I love all you and will SEE and talk to
Elder Stewart (for the last time)


  1. OH. MY. WORD! I am so excited! He is amazing!!!!! I can feel the passion in his words, he really couldn't possibly have a regret, he's been the best missionary EVER! eeeeeekkkk!! See you Wednesday! (What is his travel from Africa like? What day will he leave there?) LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  2. You parents are excited to see you home. Have a safe trip!