Monday, July 29, 2013

Everything is still going on as normal

Hey Mom,
Yeah, it's all pretty weird that everything is coming to a close. It
doesn't feel like it though. Everything is still going on as normal
and nothing has changed so it doesn't seem like I'm going anywhere
anytime soon. I'm also still wondering about what's going to happen 
about me getting released. I just want to know so I can have everything
planned out in my mind.
So this week was a pretty normal week. I've just been working hard to
try and show these two Elders the area and help them to meet the
investigators. They have just been following  me around and things are
just going along little by little. The best thing this week was that
we had a baptism for this one guy we found about a month ago. He was
sharing his testimony at his baptism and said that when we would come
to teach his brother he would always try to listen from inside until
one day he just decided to come out and join in on the lesson. We
talked to him and now he's been baptized! His brother has not. Haha.
His brother always runs away when we come. So we don't go to see him
anymore. Anyway, it was a nice baptism and it turns out that it was my
last baptism on mission. We have been teaching this other guy who came
to church for the last two weeks who we thought would be getting
baptized this next Saturday but he's just not ready yet so we are
pushing his baptism back. Another nice thing that happened this week
is that some of that sweet family came to church. Not all of them came
but the ones that we have been teaching all came. The other members of
the family are usually busy and we never get a chance to really see
them. But this week we'll focus on them and help them to see the
importance of the message. No problem. There are so many wonderful
people and I'm sad that I won't be there for their baptism but I'm
glad I was able to help them to find out about this message. Anyway,
everything is going just fine and its just so weird that in less than
two weeks I won't be here anymore! I really can't even believe that. I
love all of you and will talk to you next week!
Elder Stewart

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