Monday, July 1, 2013

Stand Up for What You Believe in!

First off, I haven't gotten the package yet. Hopefully it will be here
by next Friday or so. Things are going pretty good here though.
Everything is always good. We didn't have a thousand people at church
but we're working towards it. We're finally getting a nice little
group established and so now we're just trying to teach them and
really focus on them and helping them to understand everything we're
teaching them. It's weird for me too that the time is so close but at
the same time it's not weird because I don't really feel like I'm
going anywhere. I don't even want to leave my area. I love all of
these people so much and I'm thinking maybe I'll just move back here!
Just kidding. The people are pretty stinking sweet though.
My cool story for the week comes from the life of one of my recent
converts! Yesterday at church she told us that after church she wanted
to bring us to some guys house so that we could teach him. So after
church we went with her and started walking to the man's house. We
started asking her about who we were going to see and she shared with
us a little story on how she met the guy. She said she was walking
down the road and this guy was sitting on his porch. He called to her
to come talk to him and she walked over to him. To cut it short he
asked her to break some commandments with him. The sweet part of the
story is that she told him that in her church they don't believe in
doing those kinds of things and that she was not going to do that.
Then she continued to say that she thinks that he needs to know about
these things and told him she would come back with the missionaries
from her church to come and to teach him. I guess the guy must have
really liked her because for some reason he agreed. Haha. So we
reached the guy's house and taught him and 2 of his roommates about
the Restoration. It was pretty sweet lesson and we'll see what
happens. We didn't want to slap their face with the "hard
commandments" at first; give them a reason to live them first. It was
nice anyway and it was a pretty funny when we heard the story and were
like "what??? That's the person we're going to teach right now?" It
was all good though. But what I really admired was the faith and
courage she had to stand up for what she believed in. I guess that's
really what they mean when they talk about "at all times, in all things,
in all places." She was just baptized this last month and last Sunday
she was asking the branch president what she needs to do to serve a
mission. I go glady tay we she de go fo mission! i go fen bin!
Seriously it'll be sweet. Anyway, I love all of you and encourage
everyone to stand up for what they believe in and keep the
commandments! I'll talk to you next week!
Elder Stewart

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