Monday, July 15, 2013

The Work is True

Hey momma,

I'll be sure that I pass that info on to Clayton. I guess he needed my measurements for something. Anyway, another thing I was wondering about was what was going to happen with me getting released. Are we going to have to make a trip to Baton Rouge? Can a counselor release me? I don't really know how it works. Anyway, this week was stinking sweet! The highlight of the week was that we finally had some sweet people come to church! We weren't having too much success just by ourselves and we were beating ourselves in the head wondering what we could do to get people to progress and act more on the message. Finally we started thinking of how we could link members with the people we were teaching. We started to focus on the strongest most active members in the area and started going to them and giving them assignments of how to fellowship and work with the people we were teaching. Luckily, the culture here is very social face to face, so people usually know people just because they can see them around in the area. That makes it pretty easy for people to get along. We started working more closely with members and this week we saw a big improvement! It was pretty stinking sweet. Another nice story of the week was about that one guy we were teaching who is the brother of the pastor. The last time we had seen him we talked about The Book of Mormon and gave him an assignment to read chapter 1. He said he would do it. The next time we came to see him he wasn't there and so we started teaching his pastor brother about the Book of Mormon. Near the end of the lesson his brother showed up and joined in on the lesson. We followed up with him on his Book of Mormon reading and he said that he had read it. He explained what he had read and said that he had actually read a little bit past chapter 1. We said no problem and asked him where he stopped. It turned out that he had read all the way to chapter 9. What? He just started smiling and was like, "The reading was just so sweet, I couldn't stop!" He then started explaining to us about how much he learned and especially how he learned that God can answer prayers, just like he had answered Nephi's. We told him to continue to pray and seek for an answer from God and he would surely get one. He committed to do so and I'm super excited to go and see him this week. We're supposed to be finding out transfer news this Sunday (it got pushed a week) and I seriously am hoping so much that I can somehow stay. It's hard to really tell. Anyway, things are going really sweet and I can't wait to see what happens this week! I know the work is true and that the Book of Mormon is sweet! Haha. I'll talk to you all next week.

Elder Stewart

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